Project SEAPonyCon Schedule

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Mane Hall


Check In

Mane hall doors open at 10 AM


Opening Ceremony


Michelle Creber: Being Apple Bloom

Join Michelle Creber as she unravels the bits and pieces of voice acting for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all the nitty-gritties of working for our favorite show.


The MBS Show Panel

The world's longest running brony podcast makes a stop in Bangkok to share their experiences and the quirks of an amazing journey through the seasons of our favourite TV show.


PMV DreamTeam Panel

Meet a team of content creators who contribute to the music video and animation industry of the brony community, as they talk about their passion and works, and perhaps even show you something new!


Gem Sessions: Acoustic

Crystal Empire Records musicians Meelz and St. Pinkie want to write a song with you! Come join a  fun collaborative songwriting experience and play your part in a song written from start to finish right in this panel.


Friendship X

Hear Michelle Creber and other fandom artists perform their compositions onstage, live!



Party the night away at thunder:storm with sweet electronic music from a range of fandom artists.




Michelle Creber Autograph Session 1



Listen to music, watch assorted content created by the fandom or take the stage for an open mic session while winding down in a free space to chat and hang out with other attendees.


Michelle Creber Autograph Session 2

Mane Hall Foyer

(Space right outside of the Mane Hall doors)


Michelle Creber Autograph Session 3



Mane Hall


Mane Hall Doors Open

Check in counters for single journey/single day ticket collection and purchases opens at 9:00


Mastering the Microphone
with Michelle Creber

Join a panel of people in various media careers as they share stories from the profession and give an insight about what it is like to work in the industry.


My Little Sweet Heart

Led by the Thai bronies with the help of talents from all across Southeast Asia, come take a look at what goes on behind the scenes of My Little Sweet Heart - a visual novel based on the characters of MLP:FiM.


The Seapony Orchestra

Witness the debut of the Seapony Orchestra as they cover notable songs and symphonies from the fandom including a premiere of their tribute to the late MLP-inspired orchestral composer, MelodicPony.


Best of PMVs Showcase

Wind down and watch a selection of some of the finest PMVs from/by the fandom, hoof-picked by the DreamTeam panelists.


The Gift Pony

A little kindness goes a long way. Join the Gift Pony team and find out how they bring joy to others and learn how to spread the kindness yourself!


Roast the Cockpit

Take some sweat off our convention core team and crew members, as they take the stage to talk about their experience running Project SEAPonyCon and to hear what you have to say about it.


Closing Ceremony


Mingling and Networking Time

The convention venue closes at 21:00 to all attendees.




Project G Demo

Try out a demo experience of the My Little Sweet Heart game for yourself!


Michelle Creber Autograph Session 4


Gem Sessions: Electronic

Join Crystal Empire Records musicians ZAER and MrMehster as they talk about tips and techniques of producing electronic music, while attempting to compose one from scratch with input from the audience.