Convention Policies and Regulations

To ensure a safe and fun environment for attendees of all ages, Project SEAPonyCon has a few ground rules and regulations which we have summarized in the following, encompassing general rules and conditions of attending our convention. If you are visiting Bangkok, or Thailand in general, these also summarize several insights of some customs we think may be helpful to you when exploring our beautiful host city.

We've done the hard work and summarized the key points of our policies into a short, summarized Code of Conduct. Additional, more specified policies are available for more specific cases, but they all pertain to the key concepts outlined in the Code of Conduct.

It must be stressed beforehand that Thai law governs everything inside and outside the convention, and must be respected and followed by all attendees without question where applicable. Please note that lèse majesté laws apply and offenses are punishable by incarceration. Law enforcement institutions have power to prosecute offenders, including international visitors, even when the offense was unintentional.

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Code of Conduct

We want everyone to enjoy Project SEAPonyCon, so we establish several ground rules that govern your attendance of our convention. They're simple and common ground rules that you can always refer back to anytime.

  • We are a family friendly convention - that means we welcome every attendees from all ages! This also means that everything here is family friendly, so we ask your cooperation to keep all interactions and attire to be appropriate for all ages.

  • Respect your fellow congoers! This includes fellow attendees, our special guest, panelists, vendors, convention venue and convention crew members. Please be courteous, polite, and accommodating to each other, which helps create a welcoming and warm atmosphere that helps everyone from all ages have fun! To do this, you should:

    • Keep your hands to yourself: No inappropriate gestures or unwelcomed/unconsented touching or interaction with other attendees

    • Recall that cosplay is not consent: Always ask the cosplayer before touching their suit or costume, or on taking photographs

    • Respect others when they decline from your request.

  • We adopt a strict no-harassment policy. If someone's behavior is making you feel unwelcome, unsafe, or uncomfortable, this is considered harassment. Any form harassment, including but not limited to behaviors such as: Stalking, offensive remarks, inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact, are considered harassment behavior.

  • Please follow any policies that are placed by the convention center, such as where you can eat or drink, the strict prohibition of smoking (including e-cigarettes) and liquor in the convention premises. Harmful activities, objects, or weapons that may incite physical harm or intimidation is strictly prohibited, and you may face removal from the venue or involvement of local authorities.

  • Dress, cosplay, or wear clothing that is discreet and polite. Please remember that this convention is for everyone, and keep in mind the acceptable clothing norms that is respected by Thai culture or Bangkok customs. Anything questionable, bearing offensive or intimidating remarks/objects/props must not be used. If you are unsure about your cosplay/costume, contact a crew member to find out.

    • Generally, what is illegal in Thailand and/or in Bangkok is illegal in the convention. For instance,

      • The possession, distribution, or use of illicit drugs is forbidden by law.

      • The possession or use of weaponry or harmful force that can incite harmful damage or casualties.

      • The unlicensed, unauthorized and/or unnecessary possession of firearms or weaponry.

      • Harassment or intimidation, physical or verbal, in relation to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, political spectrum, identity, or any other ad hominem factors.

      • Political commentary and hate speech is strictly prohibited by law.

  • Please take note and respect the customs, laws, culture and regulations of Thailand. If you are a visitor to the city, or to Thailand in general, please take your time to read our Travel Tips page, or perform some research of Thai culture, customs laws, as well as what you can and cannot bring to the country, at your leisure.

This code of conduct serves as a summary of our policies, which is specifically extended and explained in the following sections, that details all regulations, information, and travel tips we have in store to help ensure everyone can have fun and enjoy the convention, as well as safely enjoy their time visiting this city.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any crew member. Likewise, if you observe any breach of these regulations, or feel threatened by harassment or potential harmful behavior, please notify any crew member immediately, as we work to ensure the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all attendees.

Additional Policies 

These additional policies supplement and extend the general Code of Conduct which outlines the general policies we observe. These are meant to accommodate more specific aspects of the convention, and holds the same ground of validity as the general Code of Conduct and must be followed by attendees and crew members alike.

Panel and Performance Policy


While we place no restrictions on what you can present or perform, we do request you to keep it within the clauses of our code of conduct. That is, we will not allow any content that is not family friendly, explicit content, contains hate and/or politically inclined speech, vulgarities, implicit or explicit verbal attack to persons or groups, and any mention of Thai royalty, as imposed by law. Breach of this policy will invoke immediate termination of the panel, and if found extremely offensive, will result in badge revocation.

Panelists and performers are provided equipment which they can use at their disposal at their panel/performance, as already requested when applied for the panel/performance. Accessories, such as adapters, dongles, or extra cable or audiovisual equipment, is not entirely provided by the convention, and should be provided by the panelists/performers.

VIP and Autograph Policy 

  • The VIP is here alongside us to have fun and enjoy the convention, but please respect that they are a special guest, which may limit how they could interact. This is mostly expressed in how they accept autographs and photographs, which is instructed and may change upon her discretion.

  • The VIP will be signing autographs in the specified timeslot as denoted on the convention schedule. Autographs and/or photos can be purchased directly on the VIP's autograph table.

  • Autographs cost 600 THB.

  • Purchase of autographs and/or photos with the VIP is currently cash only, and exact change is preferred. We only take payments in Thai Baht.

  • Strictly no photography is permitted without purchasing an Autograph at the table.

  • Prices are subject to change at the show at the discretion of the VIP.

  • Autographs and/or photos are non-refundable.

  • It is up to the discretion of the VIP as to what types of items they will autograph.

  • You must have a valid attendee badge to queue for an autograph and/or photo.

  • All children 13-and-under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in line.

  • Violators of these policies may be escorted to the back of the autographs line or may be removed from the signing session entirely.

Medical and Safety/Security Assurance Policy 

  • An onsite first aid response crew is available in case you are feeling unwell. Please approach a crew member if you are feeling unwell, or see another attendee feeling unwell.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have an exclusive area or infirmary, but we will seek a less crowded area to treat those feeling unwell. We can also escort to the nearest clinic or hospital, or call an ambulance for serious medical conditions.

  • Per to our policy against harassment, you are entitled to inform any of our crew members if you feel harassed, intimidated, or threatened, physically or verbally, or see others being treated this way, or suspect that someone may impose a safety threat. Please report this to the nearest crew member. Convention crew will have authority to investigate and interfere with any problems, and will be able to call local law enforcements if such movements are deemed necessary. You may also ask our crew to escort you or accompany you to a place where you feel safe, or contact your friends and family on your behalf.

Badge Policy 

  • All attendees and staff are to wear their convention badges at all times while within the convention venues. Anyone not visibly showing their badge will not be granted access to any convention space and may be ejected from the premises.

  • Attendees will be provided their badges at check in, which indicates the bearer's preferred printed name and the ticket class they have purchased and their preferred name on the label.

  • In case of malforms in your badge, such as: errors in printing your preferred name during check in, unrecoverable damage such as wear or tear, or designation of a wrong ticket class...

    • During check in: Check in staff will remedy the mistake as soon as possible at no charge

    • After check in/At any other point: Return to the check in desk and show proof of purchase of your badge so we can amend any errors.

    • You will need to surrender your broken/erroneous badge to check in staff before they can provide a new one.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot restore lost badges. If you happen to lose your badge you need to purchase a new one.

    • This is because we require your broken/erroneous badge to be surrendered as proof that you are the designated bearer.

    • Exemptions apply to verified crew members and VIPs

  • Staff members reserve the right to ask for and inspect your badge at any time, and may eject you from convention premises if you fail to do so.

Accessibility Policy 

  • The convention space is entirely accessible, with an exception of the Theater, where accessibility may be limited to certain areas/floors of the theater. Elevators are available to access the convention space.

  • Unfortunately, we do not hand out accessibility passes, but we will provide priority and assistance if required to attendees with physical difficulties in navigating or moving through the area. This means they would be granted extra time and priority when entering main convention venues and theaters, and provision of their desired seating.

  • Attendees who need extra time travelling or moving between or within venue spaces may request assitance from staff members.

 Convention Area Policy

Some spaces in the convention are restricted for access to convention and venue staff members only. These areas include staff spaces, backstage areas, and VIP green rooms. Trespassers will be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly. Unless with a staff or volunteer badge, or escorted by a staff member, or authorized with written consent from the Convention Chair, you are to stay well clear of these areas. Restricted areas will be closed, locked, or cordoned off.