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Less than a month ago, a prominent world leader who just entered office imposed a ban on individuals from certain countries from entering one of the most powerful nations on earth.

In the weeks that followed, outrage and protest popped up all over the world and other leaders challenged the decision, some of whom had already long implemented unreasonable travel restrictions on their own borders. Families were split, people were stranded and passengers were being denied boarding at airports.

This was all too familiar to us here at Project SEAPonyCon.

In the Summer of 2016, Project SEAPonyCon was announced to the world at BronyCon. The founding members of the convention were set on launching it together and kicking off the latest chapter of a long journey that began in 2012. Unfortunately on that day, we were one person short.

Daryll “Buckweiser” Alvero, the one who first pitched the idea to us to have a Southeast Asian pony convention, was denied from entering the United States of America when he failed to procure a visa after two unsuccessful attempts. In turn, he was not able to make it for the panel where we launched Project SEAPonyCon. Despite rehearsing our presentation and having a panelist tag with his name on it, the seat we kept for him in Hall of the Planets was empty.

We know first hand what it feels like to be turned back just because of where we are from. The damage is more than just a cancelled trip. It’s an adventure denied and a voyage cut short.

That’s why we want to do what we can to lower the boundaries to travel. Project SEAPonyCon’s mission is to bring the convention experience to those who were once unable to afford it. Now, we want to bring it to those who have been faced with unreasonable barricades by doing what we can - lowering ours.

Hence, Project SEAPonyCon is offering 200 two-day convention tickets at a special price of just 900 THB (26 USD). These can only be booked online at http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com and will be while stocks last.

We want you to be there at Project SEAPonyCon. We want you to make new friends. We want you to celebrate this fandom - a fandom built on inclusion, friendship and love. Let’s show the world that we mean business and that we know of friendship without borders.


St. Pinkie, Buckweiser & Sierra Nightingale

Promotion is only valid for the “Friendship Without Borders” ticket purchased exclusively from http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com

Select the #FriendshipWithoutBorders ticket option and book now to get your ticket. Hurry! Only 200 tickets are available at this special price!

FAQs and Conditions

Too long, didn't read. What's this about?

Bottom line is we're now offering a 10% discount on our basic admission tickets.

For realsies?

Yes. For realsies.

Cool. Where can I buy my tickets?

Tickets to the convention can be purchased online at tickets.SEAPonyCon.com or at the convention itself. However, this offer is only valid for the #FriendshipWithoutBorders ticket available exclusively at our ticket website mentioned above.

Is there a deadline for this sale?

Online ticket sales end one 13 August 2017 - one week before the convention. This promotion is also limited to the first 200 tickets purchased so it's also while stocks last.

Why does it cost so much?

Conventions are not cheap to run, especially for the niche. We are doing our best to bring a full-blown convention experience to this part of the world and this, of course, comes with a hefty price tag.

Whatever savings we have, we pass to our attendees. Hence this is why we are able to price our convention tickets 40-60% lower than most conventions that take place in Western countries.

Are there any limitations to this ticket compared to the regular one?

No. The perks and access you get with the standard two-day admission ticket (Economy Class) are exactly the same.

What if I have already bought my ticket at full price?

Well good for you! We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

Do I get a refund on the difference?

No, you do not. Tickets sold are strictly non-refundable.

Well that's not fair!

Have you ever said that to the department store when they have a sale going on? Or to the gas station when the fuel prices go down?