Welcome to the next chapter of our journey

After 4 years and 12 conventions, Southeast Asia's brony scene is ready to take the next step in its evolution. Every country has practiced their parts and memorised their lines. It's time for the full dress rehearsal for what will be the next chapter - Project SEAPonyCon.

You may have heard talk and banter about a Southeast Asian pony convention for years before this. It's an open secret that many of us want it to happen. Now that our communities are warmed up and primed to celebrate a beautifully diverse fandom, we believe it's time to take the next step.

We believe that a place for friendship shouldn't be for just one nation. Let's take next step together as we deconstruct the boundaries between us to create something truly amazing.

The Convention

The convention takes place on 19-20 August 2017 at the Prince Viwat Hall, within the Thai Summit Tower in Bangkok, Thailand. It features activities, panels, and performances that exhibits the best of Southeast Asia and the amazing brony community. 

We aim to bring the experience many would only find once in a lifetime, or hard to achieve. We want to do what we can to bring the magic of attending brony conventions in the West home, and help make it accessible to everyone. We do not aim to compete with any other conventions - we want to serve as the alternative convention.

While we deliver this in Southeast Asia, this convention is for anyone and everyone of all ages and nationalities. We are fueled with the spirit of exhibiting the Southeast Asian brony community to the world - and you are invited to come along on our journey!