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Announcing - Michelle Creber at Project SEAPonyCon!

Project SEAPonyCon is the first pony convention in Southeast Asia where a talent from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is making an appearance and it is also her Asian debut! Michelle Creber, the voice of Applebloom and singing voice of Sweetie Belle will be gracing the event and we'll be doing our best to make sure that her first visit to Asia will be her best one ever!

Note: We regret to inform that our former VVIP guest, Ms. Andrea Libman has cancelled her appearance at the convention.

Michelle Creber is a 17 year old award-winning actor, singer, dancer, musician, song-writer and voiceover artist who is known around the world as the speaking/singing voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice for "Sweetie Belle" in more than 50 episodes of the hit animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She is the youngest regular MLP cast member and was only 10 years old when she started season one, which included her epic gospel singing solo in Hush Now Quiet Now. Other voiceover credits include “Lucy” in Peanuts and “Wendy” in the New Adventures of Peter Pan. Onscreen roles include “Kelly” in the Netflix series Strange Empire, Supernatural, The Haunting Hour and Disney’s Search For Santa Paws. A professional singer for most of her life, Michelle has recorded lead vocals for many TV/movie soundtracks and many albums including her own solo albums, four collaboration albums with Black Gryph0n and three Hasbro albums (Songs of Ponyville, It’s A Pony Kind of Christmas and Songs of Harmony).

MichelleCreber.com  |  Youtube.com/user/MichelleCreber  |  twitter.com/MichelleCreber  |  imdb.me/MichelleCreber



Project SEAPonyCon promises that basic access to both days of the convention will not cost more than 1,000 Thai Baht - A figure that we believe is fair but at the same time affordable enough as to not burden attendees.



Registering in a group of five or more unlocks discounts that can be passed onto your friends. Make the best of friendship when you travel in a group.



The ticket that grants basic access to the convention for both days will cost 1,000 Thai Baht both during online registration as well as at the door on the event day itself.